Not a peep from the fat lady…


We got another mouse this morning. I think there might be one more…this little bugger, we’ve named him George III, keeps eating the cheese out of the trap without getting caught (sound familiar?).

I picked up another amazing deal rug on ebay…for the front hall. Believe it or not, 100% wool, 4′ 10″ hand tufted Agra Indian rug $1.25 (shipping was about $170 but considering the quality, it’s was an amazing deal!).  Brand new too. It looks amazing in the front hall!


Trying to be more positive, I shall focus on what DID get done. We got the back splash done. It looks fantastic. Subway tile, antique white with a crackle glaze. Really makes the kitchen! We also got the tiling layed on landing from the back door and the steps up to the kitchen. I borrowed the tile cutter from Rob and I want to get it back to him tomorrow morning. I still need to reconcile that funny little wall at the back to the left of the door. We’ll grout tonight.

It was damn cold on the weekend – like a real fall day. We had a dinner party on Saturday night and we had a fire on believe it or not. JT put the heat on in the house yesterday…it was a might chilly!


Fadil (kitchen guy) is coming by this week to drop off a shelf for the corner cabinet where the shelf was too small.

I will have to keep on top of George to make sure he gets the inspections and the report obligations concluded. I honestly cannot see why this is such a pain, one would think he would want this project finished more than we do. Apparently he was at the home show this weekend, luring unassuming folk into his mire web of deceit. Caveat emptor.

Here is a sneak peak at the back splash and the basement stairs…



We were not able to recreate the water feature in the basement. So we’ve decided to watch it for a couple of more weeks before we order carpet. UGH!

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