83 days from the finish date that was on the second project plan…

I am beside myself. Why isn’t it done? Why doesn’t the damn contractor want to finish? It’s mind numbing. Simply unbelievable.

What’s left to do, you ask? Well, let me get out my list:


  1. Pocket door catches when trying to close it.
  2. Electrical outlet at base of stairs no longer works.
  3. Sometimes there is water in the basement, we cannot recreate this issue, and will wait until a good rain as we feel it has something to do with drainage.


  1. A/C hose and cable were removed from house, now needs to be resecured.
  2. Eaves trough installer ran the cable inside the roofline and cut a hole in the eaves trough to allow the cable through (why he did it this way is totally beyond me because it had to be re-run on the outside of the roof after they put roofing on!!)
  3. Grading. More earth needs to be removed so that JT and I can get started on the interlocking.
  4. Basement window needs an exterior sil (or is this the new designer look that we bought, no let me guess, it must be an extra!)

Building permit closure: George owes the city two reports:

  1. Drainage report showing why weeping tile bed was not installed (ohhhhhhhhhhh, could THIS possibly have something to do with our water feature in the basement?????)
  2. Structural engineering report on how the existing beam was secured to the new beam so that the city is satisfied that it is safe. Good lord, it had better be.

So there you have it. Not sure if all reno’s are so painful, but our’s certainly has had its challenges. I’ve sent two emails this week and left a vmail message…do you think he has called me back yet? Can you imagine if we all treated our customers this way…business would come to a standstill. It’s simply revolting.

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