87 days past due

Friday, September 21, 2007

How does this happen? 87 days. We have now exceeded the actual time it took to put on the addition, just to finish about about 12 things left on the list. Twelve measly things. I really would like never to think of that man again. EVER.

My hair started falling out again, and I’m losing weight (believe me, it was cheaper on Bernstein!).

After 3 days and several emails and vmail messages, TB (you figure it out) finally responded yesterday. However, it was only after I contacted the architect who’s stamp was on the drawings. The architect called and emailed him. Really nice guy. Poor guy to be associated with such a louse. I called and emailed almost every hour to get TBs attention. My last call, he actually picked up. I wasn’t expecting it so I wasn’t prepared – usually I like to map things out in my head before I talk to TB. No problem, I guess my furry came from the soul because I gave it to him. No swear words this time because I was at work – I got a standing ovation afterward! Of course, they all know the grief we’ve had with this B. I don’t even know why we talk to him anymore, because I don’t believe a word he says.

He’s got a new deadline for himself. I said “that’s what you said two weeks ago.” Oh. What a farce. I’ve got another call into the city. This really needs to be over and soon.