And the fat lady has sung the final tune…

Friday, October 26, 2007

We’re done with it. Finished. Completed. The AH is finally out of our lives. He has finished everything and now I could forget about his ugly lying face.

This weekend the carpet goes in, and we can finally finish furnishing the basement. No more photos until the party…you’ll just have to wait and see (provided you’re invited!).

Stay tuned for other blogs…I may just have to start one about something else…too late. I’ve started a blog about my experiences in the kitchen….see the link to the right.


The Sign is GONE!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Yes, the sign is finally gone.

What’s been happening? It’s safe to assume that since the entries are few and far between, that not much has been going on. Oct 12 George finally sent Todd in to finish off the items that the building inspector required to close the permits. And, after several conversations with the structural engineer and several messages to the welding guys, we finally got our reports. Why is it so painful? If the AH would have done things correctly, these little things would have been checked off as we went along (for example, have structural engineer actually LOOK at the weld and sign off BEFORE it’s closed in? Oh, but that might have meant some planning…and we all know about THAT!)

The building code is an odd duck. There are things that make no sense what so ever (for example, you must have a privacy lock on a washroom…what the heck does THAT have to do with building code?) Our stove exhaust vent and powder room vent run through the garage, so building code dictates that these pipes must be insulated and drywalled and the inspector has to see it (it is to prevent co2 from leaking back into the house if a car is left running in the garage). George, of course, didn’t think this was necessary…it’s building code? OH. There were some words. So finally, Todd came by Oct 12 to finish off. It took he and Brett (nice to see him again!) all day to do the last details outside. Todd took photos and we’re done! Well, it’s Oct 23 and I’m just writing about it now…so there were some issues – believe it or not!

As usual, there were communication issues and the photos didn’t surface. So George had to bring a drywall guy in on the 19th and open the garage so he could take photos of the insulation. All is well…NOT. The photos didn’t turn out. Can you believe it? Perhaps the universe is telling George something. So on Monday (yesterday) he had to come back and open the garage AGAIN for the inspector. In the meantime, Todd kindly emailed the inspector the photos which clearly show the insulation.

By the way, Todd no longer works for George.

Thanksgiving weekend at my brother’s cottage…

Friday, October 12, 2007

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at my brother’s cottage. Weather was unseasonably warm and humid, but it made it easy to go for walks and enjoy the outdoors without cumbersome sweaters and such.

We did an interesting activity with the kids called ‘geocaching‘. Geocaching is a on-line club you join that has registered treasure hunts to do using your GPS. There are thousands of hunts on line, each defined as easy or difficult. You entre the coordinates of the hunt on your GPS (your regular Garman doesn’t do this) and start driving. Once you reach the destination, your GPS will take you within 10 yards of the treasure. This is great fun for kids. The treasure is generally in a sealed weatherproof box that you record your visit in, take a small toy and leave a small toy. We did two of these, found only one of the treasures! But we were outdoors for 2 hours and had a great time with the children (Jack and Annie too!)

Along the way, we saw a coyote (or fox) and a cute little deer – the deer was alarmingly docile. She actually turned around and posed when I clicked my tonge from the car with the window open!


Apparently, my brother and his wife have seen bears on two occasions while jogging on their road. The weird thing is that my brother’s cottage is extremely populated and these wild animals seem to be everywhere. We’ve been going up to JT’s cottage for 30 years (JT has been for 50 years) and we’ve never seen a deer let alone a bear on our property (we saw 3 deer along Hwy 28 last year).

By the way, today we’re supposed to finish the reno. Wait for the next blog entry…

The Drama Continues and continues and continues and continues

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This nightmare is still going on. One would think that the contractor would have wanted to be finished by now (how many times have I said that?) – the only redeeming thing is that it’s probably because his other customers are yelling louder!!!! He actually had the gall to write an email saying that if I will it not to be finished, it won’t be (re: the secret). Wake-up call…the contractor has control over when the job gets done, not the damn universe (or maybe that’s his management style and that’s why things take forever to get done, damn universe is just so busy!). Just get the damn job done already – he’s had 105 days (and that doesn’t include the 85 days from day 1). JUST GET IT DONE.

And there is the [minor, ha] outstanding issue of the reports for the building permits…damn guy hired a welder without updated certifications – sound familiar, non certified electrician? Apparently this welder is a long time welder (yes, he makes iron fences, good grief,  I do hope those fences were made with welds strong enough to hold up an entire wall of a house…otherwise good lord) WHAT the HELL did we get ourselves into?  The universe must have paired us with this guy to test our strength and boy is she testing.

Incidentally, things started moving again only when I started ‘the drama’ (coincidence? I think not). GET IT DONE ALREADY.


We got our teacup cabinet door from our kitchen guy (who incidentally turned out to be a fabulous person, really accommodating and always kept to his word, and most of the time to the timelines!). It looks lovely – really will finish off that wall. JT and I had to attach the glass, and that was easy, we just had to wait for the adhesive to cure and we’re hanging her up today. That should finish the kitchen.  The end of October we’re having our new carpets installed (I wonder if everything with the contractor will be done by then?)

And then it’s just primping for the party.

What the heck are we waiting for NOW?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well, it seems that we are waiting for a certificate from the welder. Why, you may ask? It seems that he has to renew it….WTF? Does that mean the welder was not licensed when he welded the support beam in our house? Although I am holding George ultimately responsible, it really is the government’s fault that these so called ‘rules’ are not stringently enforced. And that B seems to get these types. I should check to see if the plumber had a license.

Let’s back track a bit. We needed a report from the soils engineer to show that we don’t need weeping tile as our soil provides good enough drainage to suit the government. But what was it that George said? Something like, ‘it’s not often the government requires this report” so he hedged his bets, against, which I must say, has not been the winning side! Then we need another report to show how the existing beam is welded to the new beam. Now, this welder has done this before (I hope) and it seems that this is simply a piece of paper that needs to get renewed…but WTF? Is this entire government a fraud? (we already know you-know-who is) I really don’t understand rules if you aren’t going to enforce them.

The electrical inspection is tomorrow morning. THIS should be good. I can hardly wait. JT should be back from Pennsylvania so I’ll have some entertaining stories to tell.

Todd is apparently coming back to finish off on Thursday. It’s mostly outside, except the primer for the main drain needs to be hooked up and that is inside. Rod was supposed to call…but…Bottom line is that the 45 days is coming to an end and I cannot see me writing any numbers soon unless ALL of the items are finished. If we get such good service while we still owe him, can you imagine how great the service would be if we finalized the deal?

Just finish the damn job already. For god’s sake.

We’re still not finished…

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The inspector came out on Friday. There are a few items still left on ‘the list’ AND the damn reports have not been sent to the inspector. As well, the inspector had a few additional items that need to be done. I left 4 messages with George yesterday and guess what? The AH never called back…no matter how ridiculous he has treated this relationship, I am continually surprised by his audacity. UN-F’IN-BELIEVABLE. I will be calling every hour today, AGAIN.

The inspector also called out a couple of things that JT and I are responsible to do…for example, did you know that it is building code to have a privacy lock on the powder room door? WTF? And you have to have a Carbon Monoxide detector on the sleeping level of the home…seems odd since Carbon Monoxide is heavier than air…I guess we will have to figure out a way to install an outlet on the second floor landing to accommodate this requirement. Good thing my JT is so handy!