What the heck are we waiting for NOW?

Well, it seems that we are waiting for a certificate from the welder. Why, you may ask? It seems that he has to renew it….WTF? Does that mean the welder was not licensed when he welded the support beam in our house? Although I am holding George ultimately responsible, it really is the government’s fault that these so called ‘rules’ are not stringently enforced. And that B seems to get these types. I should check to see if the plumber had a license.

Let’s back track a bit. We needed a report from the soils engineer to show that we don’t need weeping tile as our soil provides good enough drainage to suit the government. But what was it that George said? Something like, ‘it’s not often the government requires this report” so he hedged his bets, against, which I must say, has not been the winning side! Then we need another report to show how the existing beam is welded to the new beam. Now, this welder has done this before (I hope) and it seems that this is simply a piece of paper that needs to get renewed…but WTF? Is this entire government a fraud? (we already know you-know-who is) I really don’t understand rules if you aren’t going to enforce them.

The electrical inspection is tomorrow morning. THIS should be good. I can hardly wait. JT should be back from Pennsylvania so I’ll have some entertaining stories to tell.

Todd is apparently coming back to finish off on Thursday. It’s mostly outside, except the primer for the main drain needs to be hooked up and that is inside. Rod was supposed to call…but…Bottom line is that the 45 days is coming to an end and I cannot see me writing any numbers soon unless ALL of the items are finished. If we get such good service while we still owe him, can you imagine how great the service would be if we finalized the deal?

Just finish the damn job already. For god’s sake.

One Response to What the heck are we waiting for NOW?

  1. Paul & T says:

    I know you’re saying to your selves “Will that thing EVER end?”
    I know it seems like it’s taken forever but we looked back in our records just last week and realized that it was over 2 1/2 years ago that we started on OUR kitchen reno……and I suspect if we looked into it we’d find things that still aren’t totally complete.
    Keep the faith. You have a BEAUTIFUL kitchen and should be VERY proud.
    We love it!
    BTW, your package showed up. I’ll send it out tomorrow.
    Love P&T

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