The Drama Continues and continues and continues and continues

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This nightmare is still going on. One would think that the contractor would have wanted to be finished by now (how many times have I said that?) – the only redeeming thing is that it’s probably because his other customers are yelling louder!!!! He actually had the gall to write an email saying that if I will it not to be finished, it won’t be (re: the secret). Wake-up call…the contractor has control over when the job gets done, not the damn universe (or maybe that’s his management style and that’s why things take forever to get done, damn universe is just so busy!). Just get the damn job done already – he’s had 105 days (and that doesn’t include the 85 days from day 1). JUST GET IT DONE.

And there is the [minor, ha] outstanding issue of the reports for the building permits…damn guy hired a welder without updated certifications – sound familiar, non certified electrician? Apparently this welder is a long time welder (yes, he makes iron fences, good grief,  I do hope those fences were made with welds strong enough to hold up an entire wall of a house…otherwise good lord) WHAT the HELL did we get ourselves into?  The universe must have paired us with this guy to test our strength and boy is she testing.

Incidentally, things started moving again only when I started ‘the drama’ (coincidence? I think not). GET IT DONE ALREADY.


We got our teacup cabinet door from our kitchen guy (who incidentally turned out to be a fabulous person, really accommodating and always kept to his word, and most of the time to the timelines!). It looks lovely – really will finish off that wall. JT and I had to attach the glass, and that was easy, we just had to wait for the adhesive to cure and we’re hanging her up today. That should finish the kitchen.  The end of October we’re having our new carpets installed (I wonder if everything with the contractor will be done by then?)

And then it’s just primping for the party.