Thanksgiving weekend at my brother’s cottage…

Friday, October 12, 2007

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at my brother’s cottage. Weather was unseasonably warm and humid, but it made it easy to go for walks and enjoy the outdoors without cumbersome sweaters and such.

We did an interesting activity with the kids called ‘geocaching‘. Geocaching is a on-line club you join that has registered treasure hunts to do using your GPS. There are thousands of hunts on line, each defined as easy or difficult. You entre the coordinates of the hunt on your GPS (your regular Garman doesn’t do this) and start driving. Once you reach the destination, your GPS will take you within 10 yards of the treasure. This is great fun for kids. The treasure is generally in a sealed weatherproof box that you record your visit in, take a small toy and leave a small toy. We did two of these, found only one of the treasures! But we were outdoors for 2 hours and had a great time with the children (Jack and Annie too!)

Along the way, we saw a coyote (or fox) and a cute little deer – the deer was alarmingly docile. She actually turned around and posed when I clicked my tonge from the car with the window open!


Apparently, my brother and his wife have seen bears on two occasions while jogging on their road. The weird thing is that my brother’s cottage is extremely populated and these wild animals seem to be everywhere. We’ve been going up to JT’s cottage for 30 years (JT has been for 50 years) and we’ve never seen a deer let alone a bear on our property (we saw 3 deer along Hwy 28 last year).

By the way, today we’re supposed to finish the reno. Wait for the next blog entry…