The Finished Renovation

Well, the party is over and everyone has seen the reno so here are some photos.

Back of the house before:


After (since this photo was taken we’ve finished the interlocking path around the new addition) – note that the interlocking was existing and since it is strictly path, and will be mostly under a new deck which we’ll build in 2008, we decided to reuse the old brick.


Before: This is the view of the old kitchen from the dining room:




This didn’t exist before, view of the apron sink and new kitchen window from top of stairs to basement (the old sink used to be approximately where the small prep sink is in the island, which is approx. where the house used to end.).


New desk and window seat (new windows overlooking the backyard).


New tea cup cabinet for the tea cups I inherited from JT’s Mom. New entrance to basement is under the clock (old entrance – to the left of the light switches below the clock – was from the front hall which is now a closet)


Before, looking into the dining room:


After (no more hanging cabinets to obstruct the view and light and we made the peninsula counter height – yes you have to keep the kitchen tidy!):


Old staircase to basement:


New front hall closet and powder room with pocket door (on left):


Basement before (the wall with the built-ins is the back of the house, compare to the new wall below with the window!):


After (note that the house used to end approximately where the fireplace ends):


Well, that’s about it. We’re still furnishing the basement, but everything else is done! Would we do it again,? NO. The result is good, but frankly, I would have preferred never to come across our contractor, even though he did come through at the end mostly due to our perseverance. That kind of stress is never worth it (my heart races even now as I recall some of his tactics).

These are the trades I would recommend:

Kitchen cabinet maker: Team Wood

Master Electrician, Steven: Tairic Controls

Soapstone counters: Canadian Soapstone

Heating: World of Comfort

Rod the plumber: 416 434 8971

And of course, our lead carpenter, Todd U, who is apparently on Facebook and I am not, so you’ll have to search him out yourself. You will also catch glimpses of him in an upcoming HGTV show by Peter Falico.

One Response to The Finished Renovation

  1. Rosanne says:

    I googled “soapstone counters” and came across your blog. Great work! Hard work I know…. I am a fellow Torontonian-in the middle of a major reno. It’s been a year and a half for us now and I just decided to keep our penninsula at counter height. I just saw yours and I feel good about it. Your kitchen is beautiful. We are doing dark cabs with soapstone as well.

    If you don’t mind could I ask you some questions? my email is


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