We’ve Reclaimed our House!

JT got busy on Monday and really started to reclaim the upstairs. With the kitchen moved downstairs to its rightful place, we were able to move the office back to normal, the guest room and our bed room (no more storage room)! And last but not least, the bathroom is back to normal. It feels great.

Here are some long awaited photos of the kitchen (note, it’s still not finished!)

From the new entrance to the basement stairs:


JT cooking dinner, shot from the dining room:


Wall sconces on the second floor landing:


I had a FutureShop techy come to the house to fix my internet problem. It took him about 2 minutes…I couldn’t believe it. I learned a lot, particularly that I know nothing about computers! I took notes…hopefully I can figure them out in the future! So I am back on line.

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