Thursday was a GREAT day…

Yes, can it be true? Thursday was indeed a great day! There were a lot of things accomplished, and Todd and Matty were at our place all day! The hall closet was closed in, lots of quarter round finished, the venting was hooked up to the hood fan above the stove, patching, priming, etc etc etc…the list goes on and on. Oh, and the kitchen guy came by and installed another couple of pulls…still a few more to go!

Front hall closet (opening directly to the left is the powder room):


Todd took the paper off the stairs and I vacuumed all the dirt after he left…it’s starting to look like home again!

I couldn’t resist another photo of the kitchen:

This is the inspiration photo I used to come up with the basement window:


This is the real basement window! Todd is planning on framing it in today. It really makes the space, you don’t feel so underground anymore. This weekend we’re carpet shopping (oh and painting, anyone want to help, call me, home made pizza and beer offered!)


I know it’s almost the end, because I keep hearing that weirdo brit narrator on “how not to decorate” say at the very end of the show…”queue the dreamy music…” and then they reveal the renovation! Stay tuned…that light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter (we can only hope it’s not a freight train speeding at us!)

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