The reno continues…the connection is DOWN!

I have hit rock bottom. My connection to the universe has quit on me. Since Sunday morning, about 12 hrs since the flooring guy used the 220 plug for the sanding machine, our internet connection has been sparse…now it is non-existent. You might ask, how are you doing this…well, I say, I am doing this the most painful and unbearable way (similar to something else we’re going through?)…d i a l -u p. Believe it or not, it is HIDEOUS! I am beside myself. I convinced John to go to Starbucks for breakfast this morning so I could check email! THAT is very sad. I cannot live without my connection to the world. Weird eh?

So, now I am in communication with Bell… as painful as that is, hopefully they can fix it without costing $$$.

Stay tuned. I WILL BE BACK.

2 Responses to The reno continues…the connection is DOWN!

  1. chuck says:

    Loved your many entries. Feel sorry for what you have and are going through. Re the LED’s. …Unknown to the general public is the fact that there is, and has been since the end of 2005, a white LED. All it is is a different color temperature (CCT) also called K or Kelvin. A warm Kelvin can be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500K. What you have as far as a blue light (very blue or a hint of blue??) is probably at least a 5000K or more (higher) …I sell LED’s to nuclear power plants, kitchen and bath dealers, and all in between. Beautiful lights. good luck to you

  2. eiktaylor says:

    Thanks for the comment Chuck. My contractor replaced the lights with xenon. The LEDs simply did not provide enough light for task lighting. The blue, was indeed very blue, and perhaps in a modern home it would have looked ultra cool, in our traditional craftsman home it looked completely out of place, not to mention did not function as required (task lighting).

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